The goal of the Alliance is to support and promote self-hosted free software web services.


The goal of the Alliance is accomplished through the following projects:

  • Shared tools : we pool ressources to maintain common system administration tools such as monitoring services
  • Services : members of the Alliance can benefit from services run by other members
  • Guidelines : we agree on a number of guidelines that all members of the Alliance must follow
  • Documentation : we share information and skills about the practice of self-hosting

Needs discussion

Decision-making process

We need a process to make decisions. Prior art:

  • réseaulibre: initialement meetings, ensuite proposition "+7 jours par email", puis finalement Loomio
  • koumbit: meetings + "propositions 48h ouvrables"


Who can join? Do we define what is a small server?

Just a logo idea:

Feel free to modify or propose other ideas!